Our Approach

Spaulding Clinical is going beyond where a typical clinical research organization goes, taking research beyond results to empower the creation of a marketplace of safe drugs.

A full-service, state-of-the-art Phase I clinical testing facility, Spaulding Clinical has a unique specialization in cardiac safety testing that provides the highest quality data not only to save pharmaceutical clients time and money, but also to uncover risks early in the drug development process ... READ MORE

Instead of seeing what we do in terms of phases of research and analysis, we take the entire drug development process into account, employing a proactive consideration of risk that uncovers cardiac safety threats long before other facilities would ... READ MORE

With a process rooted in rigorous quality management principles, the most advanced technology in the market, and the seamless integration of lab and analysis into one facility, Spaulding Clinical is setting a new standard for drug trial success ... READ MORE


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