With more than 150 years of combined expertise in cardiac care, safety and technology, Spaulding Clinical's expertise goes far beyond that of any other clinical research facility in existence today.

Spaulding Clinical Staff & Team of Experts Sharing Data Spaulding Clinical is led by an incomparable team of experts in clinical research and cardiology, including founder and CEO Randol R. Spaulding and Chief Medical Officer Jay W. Mason, MD.

Our staff is well trained in clinical research and has a broad understanding of cardiac safety and Thorough QT studies. From our cardiologists to our highly experienced nurses and overall research staff, every Spaulding Clinical employee is focused and committed to ensuring clean, high quality data.

This advanced knowledge, together with our ability to access data in real time and complete our own onsite QT analysis – something no other facility can offer, empowers us to provide the most accurate and timely assessments of cardiac risk in the early stages of drug development.

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