When you place a study with Spaulding Clinical Research you have access to a team of recruitment experts, who are dedicated to enrolling participants for your study. Our recruitment metrics show that our team delivers and they do it on budget.

Located in Milwaukee, our  metropolitian area has a population over 2 million residents from which we recruit.  We also leverage the Chicagoland area which adds an additional 8,000,000 residents within a 3 hour drive of the facility. Spualding Clinical Recruiting MethodsWith over 80 universities and community colleges in the state of Wisconsin, we have a great pool for study recruitment.  All participant calls are handled through our centralized recruitment call center.

Recruitment methods include direct contact with over 9000 qualified and active participants in our database, text messaging and email marketing to that database, and use of social media.  We also offer a Refer- A-Friend program.  Other strategies used are based on the participant population to  be recruited, time frame and budget.

Our most successful recruitment method is our expert team of clinicians that care for our participants when they are in house and also Chef Todd – who does an amazing job with their meals!  Here is what some of our participants say about their experience with Spaulding Clinical……..

  • “The staff all worked together as a team so efficiently on dosing days.  It is for these reasons I would not hesitate to refer others to the Spaulding Clinical, and revisit the clinic for future studies myself.  Thank you Spaulding for all your employees who all gave such great care.”
  • “The staff is perfect and always smiling.”
  • “Thanks to the friendly and interactive staff! They went beyond expectations to make me laugh and be more comfortable.”
  • “Can’t improve something that’s perfect.  I wouldn’t change the format Spaulding has here.  Impressive.”
  • “Every time I come here, the staff is wonderful.  Thank you to everyone from screening to chef to housekeeping to clinical staff.  See you next time J”
  • “The quality of the food has improved %1000 percent.  I absolutely look forward to seeing what every meal will bring.  Thank you for the delicious, healthy food!”
  • “I am impressed each time I return by the continued improvement in the ‘Spaulding Experience’ and look forward to my next visit -especially my next meal!  Good luck to the company and continued growth and success- I hope to return regularly for a long time.”
  • “I really like the facility- the best one I been to thus far.”
  • “My experience was great and would do another study.  Love how they make us feel important.”
  • “It was professional and caring.  I loved every minute.”
  • “Kudos to the new chef.  This place has the best food of any clinical trial facility I’ve been in.”


At Spaulding Clinical, our primary consideration in conducting any Clinical Pharmacology study is subject safety.  As part of our commitment to safety, we designed a High-Visibility-Unit (HVU) for First-in-Human studies or any study where the compound requires added surveillance or very intensive monitoring.

Spaulding's decentralized study approach, where dosing, blood draws and procedures are performed at the bedside, translates efficiently into the 12-bed, HVU, with glass sliding doors and glass-enclosed cental nursing station.  Clinical investigators and study staff can view subjects from the nursing station, as well as monitor their 12-lead ECG, pulse oximetry and vital signs continuouly.  All study data is fully integrated into a customized Clinical Pharmacology electronic data capture (EDC) solution which can be remotely viewed by the study Sponsor in real time.

A recent study Sponsor commented on the unit, calling it an "ideal place to conduct a study", and was very impressed with the operational flow, as well as the entire infrastructure supporting the high-visibility unit including backup power, close proximity to required processing areas, and the expert staff.  The unit is staffed by ACLS-certified research associates who are well trained on the emergency reponse plan and equipment.


Room Amenities

  • Private TVs
  • Wireless internet for your laptop
  • Call lights
  • Dedicated monitoring technology
  • In-room bathroom facilities

Spacious, high visibility patient room


Central Station

  • Telemetry monitoring station
  • Ability to view each patient room
  • Glass enclosed nursing station
  • Emergency crash cart



View of patient room from nursing station


Study Capabilities

A new standard in Phase I clinical confidence & efficiency, Spaulding Clinical is uniquely equipped to help you dramatically reduce development timelines, lower costs and enhance safety-related decision-making.

Phase I study types include:

  • Thorough QT
    • Cardiac Safety/Definitive QTc
    • Intensive Phase I ECG Trials
    • PK/PD Characterization of QTc
  • First-in-Human
    • Single Ascending Dose
    • Multiple Ascending Dose
    • Adaptive/Accelerated Protocols
  • Food Effect
  • Drug/Drug Interaction
  • Age & Gender
  • Patient Specific Populations
  • Bioavailability/Bioequivalence

Spaulding Clinical Study Routes of Administration

Spaulding Clinical Molecule Size


study types pie chart



Study Metrics

Spaulding Clinical 2018 Study Metrics

At Spaulding Clinical our fully-integrated, ClinSpark Electronic Source Data Capture system allows us to capture real-time study metrics which we analyze for every trial.  At the end of every year, we compile the data.  What we find is more than numbers; it's the transparent quality difference between Spaulding Clinical and our competition. 

Metrics 2018
Studies Fully Enrolled On-Time (NHV) 98.6%
Subject Retention 98.1%
Drug Dose On-Time 99.8%
PKs On-Time (Protocol Window) 99.3%
PKs On-Time (2 min. Standard Window) 98.5%
ECG Quality Rating 99.9%

 All data is captured by Spaulding Clinical's EDC system and is based on the time the protocol step is scheduled and compared to the actual time completed. Data outside a +/- 120-second window is considered to be an outlier for the Spaulding standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's an intriguing concept, but why should we consider Spaulding Clinical for our Phase I testing?

  • Our facility offers a study environment built to deliver precise study results and provides accommodations that encourage study compliance and subject retention
  • Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical research experts works closely with you from protocol development through study execution to exceed your expectations
  • Our security is second to none, with 24-hour, facility-wide video monitoring and centralized, automatic control of all doors
  • Located in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, we access a large, active volunteer population from throughout the Midwest that accommodates both healthy and patient-specific populations
  • Our 155-bed clinical research unit contains 96 beds of Mortara Surveyor telemetry, making us the world’s largest provider of Mortara telemetry monitoring
  • An integrated Quality Management System, built from the ground up, seamlessly automates monitoring, recording, analysis and reporting, providing a continuous digital data flow from site to submission, essentially eliminating human transcription errors
  • All of this translates to savings for our clients ... both in time and the total cost of conducting your next study

While Spaulding Clinical's expertise in QT analysis is becoming increasingly important, what about other areas of specialization that may be necessary?

  • With the growing regulatory emphasis on TQT studies, Spaulding Clinical's extensive expertise and breakthroughs in the overall execution, management and analysis of data have dramatically improved development timelines, lowered costs and enhanced safety-related decision-making
  • We apply these same levels of efficiency and expertise to all Clinical Pharmacology trials from Drug-Drug interactions to SAD/MAD to Bioequivalence studies, or any other Clinical Pharmacology study (Read more about our Study Capabilities)
  • By providing the overall study and project management, we bring the same high level of diligence and process efficiency to the data management and reporting areas as we do with every other aspect of your study

Since Spaulding Clinical is U.S.-based, what if our needs are more global in scope?

  • We have relationships with other high-quality clinical pharmacology partners in Europe and Asia that extend our reach when needed (Read more about our Partners)
  • Our entire operational concept, systems and SOPs were developed and engineered to allow extension to remote facilities, whether owned or at a partner-facility

Given the recent trend to add patient arms to many of our FIH/SAS/MAD studies, can Spaulding Clinical recruit specialized patient populations, in addition to healthy volunteers?

  • Our facility was a former hospital so we have single-patient, high-visibility critical care monitoring rooms designated for FIH studies
  • We have built research partnerships with two of the three largest healthcare providers in the state of Wisconsin to identify patients that meet study inclusion criteria
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