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With the Spaulding webECG™, bi-directional integration of diagnostic ECG data from order through results including billing is all part of the EHR integration package. Interfaces are available to the most popular EHR solutions, such as Epic and Allscripts, with additional interfaces planned for later this year.  Our goal is to make patient data immediately available to the care team as soon as the test is uploaded to our Spaulding webECG cloud.  To learn more about our solution view this short video demonstration, hosted by our innovation leader Brock Heinz, describing the interface created for the Allscripts system.

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EHR Integration

Spaulding webECGTM Diagnostic ECG Management Solution is designed with connectivity in mind. Our approach enables clinical decision making in real-time. Our open system architecture allows highly integrated connectivity – beyond the typical orders and results interfaces – with launch “buttons” directly from a patient’s EHR.

Here are the options open to our clients when implementing Spaulding webECG:

IDN Connectivity

Designed to affordably scale from a single physician office to a large Integrated Delivery Networks, the Spaulding webECG enables ECG data from patients across the IDN to be immediately available – whether the exam is completed in the patient home, a retail clinic, physician office or hospital. The database is built around your organization with no limitations.

EHR Connectivity

With the Spaulding webECG, integration of diagnostic ECG data from order through results and billing is all part of the interface developed. With no added hardware needed for a cloud-to-cloud EHR; we offer solutions to address any configuration. Unconfirmed reports are immediately available and are updated to confirmed once the physician over-read has been completed.

CV Management Systems

Utilizing an XML interface, waveform data can be interfaced for storage and management in 3rd party CV Management Systems such as the GE Healthcare MUSE System.

Device Connectivity

If your facility has legacy electrocardiographs with XML data format, data can be easily collected, analyzed, distributed and stored in the Spaulding webECG and integrated with Spaulding Electrocardiograph data. The user will continue to receive only the 10 second ECG report with a 3rd party device as data is not available for Full Disclosure or the Spaulding webECG Report.

Spaulding Electrocardiograph Demo


The Spaulding Electrocardiograph was designed to enable acquisition of diagnostic 12-lead ECG's anywhere the test may be required and make the test affordable to all who need it. The workflow has been streamlined to remove any unnecessary steps.

To enable this innovation, the user interface of the device has been streamlined and the clinician's workflow is programmed saving busy clinician's time while assuring high quality study results.


See how easy acquiring a 12-lead is with the Spaulding Electrocardiograph:


Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Care

Learn how Spaulding Clinical is revolutionizing the way ECG information is collected, analyzed, distributed, accessed, reviewed and managed... saving time and enabling clinical decisions in real-time.

We encourage you to share in the excitement by watching a video of the Spaulding webECG Diagnostic ECG Management Solution with the Spaulding Electrocardiograph.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


The Spaulding webECGTM diagnostic 12-lead ECG management service operates on a cloud-computing server instance. The standard configuration provides customers with a balanced set of resources and is ideal for most installations. The specifications below reflect these standard installations, but based on the individual client need and utilization Spaulding engineering may modified this configuration to support more robust use cases.


Spaulding webECG Specifications
Feature Specification
Cloud-Based Server Environment
Security Certifications and Third Party Accreditations - ISO 27001
- SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402
Reliability Metric 99.9% uptime
Web Browser Requirements
Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Version 11 or higher
Browser Software Mobile device native browser; Safari (Mac) and Internet Explorer (Windows)
Physician Toolkit Site Application Requirements
Java Java Runtime Environment Version 7 or higher
Operation System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
RAM 512 MB (minimum)
Storage 1 GB (minimum)
Processor 1Ghz 32-bit or 64-bit processor (minimum)
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 (minimum)
Internet Communication Internet communication required
webECG Application
Security HIPPA-compliant security included role-based access based on log-in credentials
Compliance Standards FDA 21 CFR Part II Compliant
Configuration - Clinical Research and Medical Configurations with ability to customize either application
- Voice Biometrics defaults on for Clinical Research and off for Medical
- Orders Interface supported for Medical Configuration
User Levels User Level – Capable of entering orders, reviewing data in database
Site Administrator – User level access, ability to customize the site configuration including adding users, managing passwords, customizing demographics, configuring reports, correcting demographic errors,
Organization Administrator - All Site Administration access with ability to customize all sites for a given organization.
3rd Party Algorithms - University of Glasgow 12-lead interpretative algorithm
- AMPS ECG Measurement Tools
- Voice Biometrics
Demographics Required: Patient ID, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender
Optional: Age, Ethnicity, Technician, Ordering Physician, Referring Physician, Reading Physician and other fields can be customized by the organizational administrator
Stored Reports - 12-lead ECG Report with Comparison feature
- Full Disclosure waveform review with ability for the user to modify:
-- Speed: 5 mm/sec, 10 mm/sec, 12.5 mm/sec, 25 mm/sec, 50 mm/sec
-- Gain: 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV
-- Leads: Number of waveforms displayed
-- Print: Screen shot based on the window displayed
5-Minute Spaulding webECG report that includes diagnostic statements, ECG Details, Beat data, Interval Values, Confirmed Physician Evaluation, Heart Rate Variability, T-Wave Morphology, QT Variability, Signal Averaged ECG, Summary ECG, Selected ECG
Configuration of Reports Type of 12-lead ECG report: Summary, Selected, Specified
Configurable lead review: 12 x 1, 6 x2, 3 x4 plus continuous selectable rhythm lead at 25 mm/sec and 10 mm/mv
Filters: 100mmHz (default), 40 mmHz


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