EHR Integration

Spaulding webECGTM Diagnostic ECG Management Solution is designed with connectivity in mind. Our approach enables clinical decision making in real-time. Our open system architecture allows highly integrated connectivity – beyond the typical orders and results interfaces – with launch “buttons” directly from a patient’s EHR.

Here are the options open to our clients when implementing Spaulding webECG:

IDN Connectivity

Designed to affordably scale from a single physician office to a large Integrated Delivery Networks, the Spaulding webECG enables ECG data from patients across the IDN to be immediately available – whether the exam is completed in the patient home, a retail clinic, physician office or hospital. The database is built around your organization with no limitations.

EHR Connectivity

With the Spaulding webECG, integration of diagnostic ECG data from order through results and billing is all part of the interface developed. With no added hardware needed for a cloud-to-cloud EHR; we offer solutions to address any configuration. Unconfirmed reports are immediately available and are updated to confirmed once the physician over-read has been completed.

CV Management Systems

Utilizing an XML interface, waveform data can be interfaced for storage and management in 3rd party CV Management Systems such as the GE Healthcare MUSE System.

Device Connectivity

If your facility has legacy electrocardiographs with XML data format, data can be easily collected, analyzed, distributed and stored in the Spaulding webECG and integrated with Spaulding Electrocardiograph data. The user will continue to receive only the 10 second ECG report with a 3rd party device as data is not available for Full Disclosure or the Spaulding webECG Report.

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