Who We Are

Come be disruptive with us.

At Spaulding Clinical, we are all about being disruptively innovative within our industry. We are driven to constantly be searching for a faster, smarter, and more impactful way of doing things. For us, settling for mediocre just isn’t who we are. Here we have heroic ambitions, constantly challenging us to go above and beyond and strive for higher heights. Here we have ingenious solutions, allowing us to stay ahead of the pack and continue finding new roads. Here we command self-awareness to guide our decisions and capitalize on our strengths. Here we demonstrate loving care in all we do, because it doesn’t matter what we do if we are not doing it for the right reasons. These are the four pillars that form the foundation of our culture and who we are. 


Our Culture

The culture here at Spaulding is based upon four key pillars.  Two of our pillars speak to what we do here and two speak to how we go about doing things.

What we do
Heroic Ambitions: Striving for excellence and never settling for “good enough.” We are always searching for the next great challenge to conquer! Are you hungry for a new challenge, or are you ready for each day to be different?
Ingenious Solutions: Going hand in hand with our heroic ambitions would be our ingenious solutions. Here at Spaulding, we view innovation, change, and technology as the skeleton key required to help us attain our ambitions. These solutions open the door and create the path for us to change the face of clinical research and the world! This is a team effort that each and every member of our staff contribute to. Are you ready to make a difference? Together we will.
How we do it
Self-Awareness: This pillar is all about looking within and identifying who you are as a professional. It is about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, so you know when to let your strengths shine and when to ask for help. It is about knowing that each decision made carries weight and matters, because every position here directly impacts our clinical studies. Are you ready to get to know yourself?
Loving Care: For us, an act without compassion is an action better left untaken. In order to truly change the world we need to do it through love and not greed. Treating employees like cogs, numbers, or factors to the bottom line is simply not who we are. Are you ready to join our family?
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