Clinical Pharmacology

Instead of wishing for a new paradigm in Clinical Research, we created it

Reversing the trends in pharmaceutical development of expanding study timelines and escalating costs is no simple task. But at Spaulding Clinical, we deliver a bold new approach that is built on proven, continuous-quality-improvement principles and fueled by innovation. Through all of this, we are helping clients make these goals a reality … while enhancing data quality in the process.

  • Using our advanced, fully-integrated Phase I Electronic Data Capture (EDC) capabilities, we have virtually eliminated paper and the errors associated with hand recording, transcription and lost/misplaced data
  • Our team of clinical research experts are dedicated to flawless study execution and patient safety
  • Our 200,000 square foot facility was designed to provide a stress-free, comfortable environment for our study subjects; Using a decentralized model, all study procedures are performed at the bedside
  • Our Sponsors have real-time access to all study safety labs, vital signs and ECG analysis data via secure internet connection at the time the procedures are completed to expedite decisions and enhance study flexibility
  • And when the last study subject is discharged, it takes hours to days, not weeks to months to provide our clients with high-quality study data

Spaulding Clinical is uniquely equipped to help you dramatically reduce development timelines, lower costs and enhance safety-related decision-making in your quest to develop safe new pharmaceutical products … that’s research beyond results.

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