At Spaulding Clinical, our primary consideration in conducting any Clinical Pharmacology study is subject safety.  As part of our commitment to safety, we designed a High-Visibility-Unit (HVU) for First-in-Human studies or any study where the compound requires added surveillance or very intensive monitoring.

Spaulding's decentralized study approach, where dosing, blood draws and procedures are performed at the bedside, translates efficiently into the 12-bed, HVU, with glass sliding doors and glass-enclosed central nursing station.  Clinical investigators and study staff can view subjects from the nursing station, as well as monitor their 12-lead ECG, pulse oximetry and vital signs continuously.  All study data is fully integrated into a customized Clinical Pharmacology electronic data capture (EDC) solution which can be remotely viewed by the study Sponsor in real time.

A recent study Sponsor commented on the unit, calling it an "ideal place to conduct a study", and was very impressed with the operational flow, as well as the entire infrastructure supporting the high-visibility unit including backup power, close proximity to required processing areas, and the expert staff.  The unit is staffed by ACLS-certified research associates who are well trained on the emergency response plan and equipment.


Room Amenities

  • Private TVs
  • Wireless internet for your laptop
  • Call lights
  • Dedicated monitoring technology
  • In-room bathroom facilities

Spacious, high visibility patient room


Central Station

  • Telemetry monitoring station
  • Ability to view each patient room
  • Glass enclosed nursing station
  • Emergency crash cart



View of patient room from nursing station


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