Study Metrics

Spaulding Clinical 2018 Study Metrics

At Spaulding Clinical our fully-integrated, ClinSpark Electronic Source Data Capture system allows us to capture real-time study metrics which we analyze for every trial.  At the end of every year, we compile the data.  What we find is more than numbers; it's the transparent quality difference between Spaulding Clinical and our competition. 

Metrics 2018
Studies Fully Enrolled On-Time (NHV) 98.6%
Subject Retention 98.1%
Drug Dose On-Time 99.8%
PKs On-Time (Protocol Window) 99.3%
PKs On-Time (2 min. Standard Window) 98.5%
ECG Quality Rating 99.9%

 All data is captured by Spaulding Clinical's EDC system and is based on the time the protocol step is scheduled and compared to the actual time completed. Data outside a +/- 120-second window is considered to be an outlier for the Spaulding standards.

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