Study Metrics

Spaulding Clinical 2016 Study Metrics

At Spaulding Clinical our fully-integrated, ClinSpark Electronic Source Data Capture system allow us to capture real-time study metrics which are analyzed for every trial.  At the end of every year, this data is compiled.  The result is more than numbers, it's the transparent difference between Spaulding Clinical and our competition. 

Metric 2016
On-Time Drug Dose 99.9%
On-Time Blood Draw 97.4%
Studies Fully Enrolled 99.7%
Studies Recruited on Budget 100%
Subject Retention 98.71%
Readable ECGs 99.91%

 All data is captured by Spaulding Clinical's EDC system and is based on the time the protocol step is scheduled and compared to the actual time completed. Data outside a +/- 120-second window is considered to be an outlier for the Spaulding standards.