ECG Solution

Join the Global Healthcare Revolution!

With a global economic downturn, rising healthcare costs, a growing aging population and the increase in chronic disease, the pressure on healthcare systems globally is immense. A growing public demand for access to high-quality, affordable care is creating opportunities to improve efficiency in the screening, diagnosis, treatment and on-going care of patients. Cardiovascular disease tops the target list and is also the focus of Spaulding Clinical’s Medical business.


Facilitate Patient Access to Care

Spaulding Clinical is focused on solutions that move care from expensive areas of treatment to lower cost areas such as the medical home, without sacrificing the diagnostic data that has been the gold standard for cardiovascular care – the diagnostic 12-lead electrocardiograph. Our web-based ECG management solution – Spaulding webECGTM – is providing innovative tools for busy clinicians that allow them to focus on patient care.


Practice Medicine in Real-time

Wherever your patient chooses to have their cardiovascular care managed, the Spaulding ECG Management solution makes data immediately available to the physician and care team allowing better care coordination while saving time.


Slash Your ECG Management System Costs

What is even more exciting is that this solution does not involve the purchase of expensive capital equipment that is obsolete the moment you install. With no startup capital equipment cost, and a service model that ties revenue to the cost of the exam, you not only improve patient management but also the financial management of your practice.

Learn how Spaulding Clinical is revolutionizing the way ECG information is collected, analyzed, distributed, accessed, reviewed and managed……saving time and enabling clinical decisions in real-time.

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