Our commitment to quality goes beyond the simple accumulation of data.

At Spaulding Clinical, quality is a total company initiative. We employ a proven process rooted in a rigorous quality management approach that encompasses every aspect of our organization to ensure the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Previous Phase I experience has shown that data has the potential to be compromised, whether during its entry into the system by staff or during the handoff of information. At Spaulding Clinical, we have built an Integrated Data Management System from the ground up that essentially eliminates human transcription errors and the need for handoff of data to vendors.

System Highlights

  • Seamlessly links and automates of monitoring, recording, analyzing and reporting from the start
  • Continuous digital data flow from site-to-submission
  • In-house QT analysis; Multiple platforms and technologies 
  • Six SigmaTM quality management principles for continuous improvement
  • Fully GCP compliant

This dedication to continually evaluating and enhancing everything we do — from our information management capabilities to our clinical technology solutions — enables us to give pharmaceutical companies data they can trust.

Together with our state-of-the-art technology and world-class expertise, we are able to complete testing more quickly and efficiently, reduce acquisition time and errors, and eliminate variations in data measurement and analysis quality, saving our clients unnecessary investments in both time and capital. No other Phase I facility offers this level of quality.

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