At Spaulding Clinical, safety is not simply a checkbox or something we're required to address; instead, safety is inherent in everything we do.

  • 24 hour, high fidelity, 12-lead telemetry system
  • Bar-code driven patient identification system
  • Centralized security door access system and around the clock video monitoring

This proactive commitment to safety extends across our entire organization. Every process, every protocol and every system in place is designed to create a safe environment for our subjects and facilitate the collection of quality data in our mission to create a marketplace of safe drugs.

Beginning with our 24-hour, high-fidelity, 12-lead telemetry system, Spaulding Clinical has the ability to monitor study subjects at all times. Our telemetry devices are portable, so even when subjects are mobile, we can continually observe and record cardiac data wirelessly. In addition, with 12 leads, we are able to measure even the smallest change on a subject — as low as two milliseconds — with a single device.

Our commitment to safety also includes a bar-code driven subject identification system. Where other facilities may require the manual recording of each subjects identity, our automated system streamlines the process and eliminates data entry mistakes, ensuring data quality at every step.

Spaulding Clinical also features a centralized security system with around-the-clock monitoring facility-wide. Not only does this allow us to increase subject compliance by maintaining an awareness of activity throughout the campus; but it also creates an environment that is always safe and secure - giving our clients and study subjects greater peace of mind.

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