Our leading-edge technology empowers us to fully automate our studies in a way that the industry has never seen before.

Using our advanced Electronic Data Capture (EDC) capabilities, we have virtually eliminated paper from the equation, along with the potential for errors, giving us the capacity to improve quality, reduce time and contain costs for our clients.

We go beyond cutting-edge with our superior knowledge of clinical testing technology. As a certified partner with Mortara Instrument — the world leader in ECG technology —  we have a greater understanding of the equipment we utilize. This gives us the ability to optimize its functionality, and to generate the most accurate and timely assessments of cardiac risk in the industry.

Our onsite and integrated ECG analysis also provides automatic, semi-automatic and manual reading options, giving us added oversight and flexibility when it comes to securing quality data. In the event of unreadable ECG data, we have the ability to review relevant data from our Surveyor system's continuous acquisition database.

We can also offer clients near real-time access to their results. In many clinical trials, paper results can sit for weeks before they are keyed into a database, adding more time to the drug development process. With our advanced Clinical Trial Management System, all lab results are electronic and can be returned within eight hours of collection, giving pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to review the data almost immediately.

Finally, our site-to-submission reporting capabilities feature secure online access and CDISC compliant data results for turnkey project management and data of the highest quality. It’s just one more way Spaulding Clinical is taking research beyond results and paving the way to the fully automated and integrated facility of the future.

System Automation

Overall EDC system:

  • Fully automated and integrated
  • Acquires and manages all vital signs, ECG acquisitions and analysis, as well as clinical lab data
  • Allows for streamlining of processes to achieve greater volumes and efficiencies over our competitors

Mortara Instrument:

  • World leader in ECG technology
  • Integrated ECG Analysis:
    • Provides automatic, semi-automatic and manual reading options
    • Provides added oversight and flexibility when it comes to securing quality data
    • Gives us the ability to pull clean data from our surveyor system’s continual record of ECG information in the case of an unreadable ECG

EDC / Clinical Trial Management System:

  • Real-time access to results for our clients
  • Electronic lab results typically returned within 8 hours of collection
  • Site-to-Submission reporting capabilities
    • Secure online access
    • CDISC compliant results for data of the highest quality
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