Message from CEO

Randol Spaulding It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Spaulding Clinical where we are taking research beyond results.

With a focus on the highest quality data, the highest standards of safety, and the most advanced technology the market has to offer, Spaulding Clinical delivers a truly unique clinical research solution that is being rapidly embraced by a growing list of pharmaceutical partners from around the world– companies who are able to conduct larger scale studies more quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before. This year, we broadened our focus to the healthcare market, as the need is great for real solutions and cost-effective technology to help clinicians provide high-quality healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

At our facility in West Bend, Wisconsin, we operate a 200-bed Phase I clinical pharmacology unit (including 96 telemetry beds). Though we conduct studies of all kinds, we are experts in the conduct of TQT studies and have created the industry’s first fully-automated TQT study and analysis option. Based on our cardiac expertise, we expanded our business to offer Phase I- IV Core ECG Laboratory services, which includes our revolutionary 12-lead Spaulding Electrocardiograph, delivering a centralized ECG solution that allows for accurate, reliable and easy access to ECG information for a faster, more confident analysis. And we continue to grow as we commercialize the Spaulding Cardiovascular Management Solution globally for the cost-effective and streamlined management of patients with cardiovascular disease.

For all our customers worldwide, this means higher-quality data in less time and at a lower cost, all of which are a part of our greater mission:

Spaulding Clinical Research is passionate in their pursuit of ingenious solutions that save time and money for their clients and heroic in their ambitions to ensure the health and safety of patients. Spaulding Clinical Research strives to be a trusted partner in creating a world of safer drugs and a technology leader in making hospital-quality cardiac care affordable and accessible to all of God’s children.

I encourage you to spend some time on our website where you will find more information on our unique approach to clinical trials and healthcare solutions. We are an innovation company that grows through following the time-tested tradition of really listening to our customers.

Randy Spaulding
Founder and CEO, Spaulding Clinical

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