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About Spaulding Clinical, Phase I Clinical Trials Experts

When You Need Quality Data, Fast, Think Spaulding First

Founded in 2007, Spaulding Clinical is a full-service, state-of-the-art paperless Phase I clinical pharmacology unit. Our facility, originally a hospital, features fully integrated bedside electronic data capture and sets the standard for patient care. We specialize in IND-enabling clinical pharmacology studies, cardiovascular safety, and clinical proof of concept. We provide expertise on study design, offering in-house medical writing, clinical data management, biostatistics, project management, clinical laboratory, and PK/PD analysis.

With a focus on the highest quality data, the highest standards of safety, and the most advanced technology the market has to offer, Spaulding Clinical delivers a truly unique clinical research solution – ask one of our pharmaceutical partners from around the world, and they will tell you, “My experience with Spaulding Clinical was so great, I had to join the company.” – Midsize Pharma Sponsor Representative.

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Spaulding Clinical was built upon the three pillars of our dedicated mission to deliver for our participants and clients alike:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Technology

Spaulding Clinical Quality

When You Need Quality and Speed, Think Spaulding First.

Our commitment to quality goes beyond the simple acquisition of data; it is a universal company pillar. We employ proven processes rooted in a rigorous quality management system that encompasses every aspect of our organization, ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

Phase I data, like all data, has the potential to be compromised by human error, both when entered into systems by staff or during handoffs. Because Phase I studies start and are executed 40% faster than all other phases, you need a team and systems that understand these nuances. At Spaulding Clinical, we were the first and the only organization to have built an integrated eSource/data management system from the ground up within our unit that essentially eliminates human transcription along with the need for data handoffs to other vendors.

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Spaulding Clinical Safety

When You Need Safety, Think Spaulding First.

At Spaulding Clinical, participant safety is not simply a checkbox. Safety is our first priority and is instilled in every process. This proactive commitment to safety extends across our entire organization. Every protocol and system is designed to create a safer environment for our participants and our staff while facilitating the collection of quality data in our mission to create a marketplace of safe drugs.

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Spaulding Clinical Technology

When You Need Technology That Powers Reliable Decisions Fast, Think Spaulding First.

Our first of its kind technology empowers us to fully automate our studies in a way that the industry has never seen before.

We go beyond the cutting edge with our superior knowledge of clinical testing technology. As developers of our own equipment via Spaulding Medical, we have a comprehensive understanding of that equipment, allowing us to optimize its functionality. We generate the most accurate and timely assessments of cardiac risk in the industry.

Clients have real-time access to their results. With our advanced clinical trial management system, all lab results are electronic and can be returned within four hours of collection, giving pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to review data almost immediately.

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