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Harness the power of 1. One data source from start to finish. 1Source

Data Management, Modernized

Your clinical trials are more complex than ever, meaning you must be equally equipped to easily collect, decipher, and distill your data to maximize its potential. Spaulding 1Source™ is a comprehensive data management solution that streamlines your data collection through a single validated source and augments your ability to analyze that data at every level, enabling faster, more confident Phase I decisions.

Reliable Data via eSource, Faster

1Source minimizes the potential for human error while quickly providing 24/7 access to your data via our eSource platform, as it’s cleaned and collected in real time. From telemetry to lab data to e-forms, this unique solution simplifies the Phase I clinical trial process from start to finish, providing unrivaled efficiency and accuracy.

Save 100+ Days

Accelerate final protocol to final CSR with Spaulding 1Source

1Source outperforms traditional data management, expediting timelines with instant access to more accurate data free from transcription errors.

1Source chart

protocol icon

Final Protocol to Database Live in 4 weeks

Spaulding 1Source provides SDTM- & CDISC-compliant data using a database built from CRFs using pre-populated libraries, saving conversion and QC time.

LSLV icon

LSLV to Database Lock
in 1 week

Spaulding 1Source collects data in eSource and performs edit checks in real time, condensing 1-2 weeks of data entry, 4 weeks of source verification, and 2 weeks of edit checks into just 7 days.


Database Lock to
Final CSR in 38 days

Spaulding 1Source uses proprietary software to process SDTM data live during your study and in parallels after database lock, minimizing processing and programming time.

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