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Recruitment and Facility


Rapid enrollment, excellent retention, superior site

When You Need Rapid Phase I Recruitment, Think Spaulding First.

Study Environment

Spaulding Clinical puts clinical trial study participants first. We understand that our participants are helping shape the future of medicine for generations to come. We’re proud to provide extensive amenities to help make their stay with us as comfortable as possible, and our 95% retention rate speaks to our success.

Study environment
  • Located just minutes off of Highway 45
  • Situated in a quiet residential area
  • Free parking
  • Executive chef on staff
  • Pool table
  • Big screen TV with DVD player
  • Wireless internet
  • Video gaming systems
  • Video game and DVD library
  • Board games
  • Book library
  • Public computers
  • Private reading room
  • Foosball
  • Free washer and dryer


When you place a study with Spaulding Clinical Research, you have access to a team of dedicated recruitment experts who enroll participants for your study. Our recruitment metrics show that our team delivers — and they do it on budget. All participant calls are handled through our centralized recruitment call center.

Recruitment methods include direct contact with over 65,000 qualified participants in our database with over three million in the surrounding vicinity of our unit, text messaging, and email marketing to that database, and use of social media. We also offer a referral program. Other strategies are based on the individual study’s time frame, budget, and the demographics of the participant population to be recruited.

call center

Our most successful recruitment tool is our expert team of clinicians that care for our participants when they are in-house — and also our exceptional chef. Here is what some of our participants say about their experience with Spaulding Clinical:


With a low staff/participant ratio, custom-designed facility for cardiac safety, and enhanced data collection processes, Spaulding Clinical’s facility sets the standard for a clinical pharmacology unit.

Arial image of the Spaulding facility

Facility Features

  • 200,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for Phase I and TQT studies
  • Originally a hospital, located on an eight-acre research campus
  • 96 functional telemetry beds, 200 total beds
  • Private rooms with high-speed internet access for monitors
  • Private bathroom/shower facilities
  • Environmentally controlled suites with 400 square feet of space per participant
  • Telemetric monitoring and recording systems for continuous participant monitoring
  • Bar-code-driven patient identification system
  • On-site safety lab processing
  • Same-day COVID-19 screening processing
  • Large on-site GMP-compliant pharmacy with registered pharmacist and compounding capabilities
  • On-site emergency equipment, crash cart, automatic defibrillator
  • Secure, temperature-controlled drug storage with IV infusion capability
  • Standard and refrigerated centrifuges
  • Multiple -30C and -80C freezers
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Secure, locked unit with 24-hour video monitoring
  • Centralized, automatic control of all doors
  • Multiple-tiered backup power source for all critical systems
  • Locked, fire-resistant file storage

High Visibility Unit

Our primary consideration in conducting any clinical pharmacology study is participant safety. As part of this commitment, we designed a high visibility unit (HVU) for studies (such as first-in-human) in which the compound requires added surveillance or very intensive monitoring.

Spaulding’s decentralized study approach — in which dosing, blood draws, and procedures are performed at the bedside — translates efficiently into the 12-bed HVU. Glass sliding doors allow clinical investigators and study staff to easily view participants, and they can monitor 12-lead ECG, pulse oximetry, and vital signs continuously from the glass-enclosed central nursing station.

Team reviewing a chart

All study data is also fully integrated into a customized clinical pharmacology electronic data capture (EDC) solution, which can be remotely viewed by the study sponsor in real time.

One sponsor declared the unit “an ideal place to conduct a study” due to its optimized operational flow, robust support infrastructure including backup power, close proximity to required processing areas, and expert staff (ACLS-certified research associates who are well trained on the emergency response plan and equipment).


Located in Milwaukee, our metropolitan area has a population of over two million residents from which we recruit. We also leverage the Chicagoland area, adding an additional 8,000,000 residents within a three-hour drive of the facility. With over 80 universities and community colleges in the state of Wisconsin, we have a great local pool for study recruitment.

Milwaukee Skyline

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