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Why Choose Spaulding Clinical for Your Phase I Clinical Trial?

Our end-to-end solutions deliver quality data, fast.

Taking You to the Next Milestone

Phase I trials and their outcomes are a critical first step in determining the future of your product. Because every endpoint and every decision matter, you need passionate experts who will make your mission their own. When getting to your next milestone is critical to the progress of your development program, think Spaulding first.

Passionate in our pursuit of innovative solutions to expedite your program, we design every process, protocol, and system to create the ideal environment to facilitate your research, all with a proactive commitment to cardiac safety. To inform your decision-making process, our fully integrated, paperless Phase I eSource solution with real-time integration optimizes your study from first participant in to database lock. Uniquely equipped to dramatically reduce timelines by 50% and enhance safety, Spaulding guarantees you will receive the information you need when you need it.

Purpose-built to set the standard of care, our Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Unit offers the ideal level of privacy and comfort while our low participant-to-staff ratio ensures our experts can give your trial the focus it requires. As regulatory requirements continue to evolve and submission deadlines grow shorter, we prioritize your goals to get you to the next milestone faster.

For high-quality data to inform your decisions, Think Spaulding First.

Meet Our Passionate Experts

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