Spaulding Electrocardiograph

Better data... in less time... at a lower cost

iQ At Spaulding Clinical, our innovative thinking drives leading-edge products and services. The Spaulding Electrocardiograph system enables you to accurately, reliably and easily assess ECG information for a faster, more confident analysis. Our portable, easy to use product incorporates advanced technology and fresh thinking to bring you the most affordable product on the market. With more than 150 years of ECG experience in cardiac care and safety within our core management team, you can be assured that the product delivers a high quality ECG.

  • The revolutionary 12-lead Spaulding Electrocardiograph uses biometric voice print technology to virtually eliminate demographic errors
  • The Mason Protocol, a proprietary Spaulding Clinical software application, automatically uploads up to 5 minutes of 12-lead ECG data – not the limited 10 second sample that is common in all other devices
  • Automated measurements and interpretation are available on your site PC immediately after uploading data, including a full 12-lead unconfirmed report
  • Cardiology expert over-read available within minutes or hours

The complete Spaulding Electrocardiograph system includes the Spaulding ECG Acquisition Module, the Spaulding ECG 12-lead Patient Cable, and the Mason Protocol software application.

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