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Case Study

Meet Milestones Despite Delays With 1Source

When a leading biopharmaceutical company needed to meet the planned First Patient In (FPI) date of their Phase I clinical study but experienced a four-week delay in protocol finalization, Spaulding 1Source™ kept them on track. Faced with a tight schedule, Spaulding Clinical:

  • Began study database development using the draft protocol and 1Source’s built-in resources
  • Implemented changes and introduced new elements with a dedicated team
  • Cut review timelines in half

1Source Data Management

Our single-data-source system and extensive biometric services enabled greater collaboration with the sponsor and helped maintain their development program and funding. While 1Source consistently accelerates final protocol to database live with a four-week turnaround, its robust features allowed us to begin development prior to protocol finalization and meet FPI with proactive, high-quality solutions.

Explore how Spaulding Clinical kept delays from impacting trial timelines through the advanced features of Spaulding 1Source

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